Medical grant

The maximum amount of medical aid amount is given upto Rs.3000 / – for the treatment of poor people of SC / ST and backward castes to those suffering from severe diseases. In the most serious case, the power of acceptance of grant upto Rs 10,000 / – for medical assistance has been delegated to the Deputy Commissioner.

Legal aid

In order to bear the expenses of civil, criminal and revenue lawsuits, members of the poor SC / ST members have been charged different rates per day for different daily courts for hearing of a lawsuit pertaining to Rs 125 1250 Rs. There should not be a single party in the lawsuit and the case is between non-SC / ST.

Relieving atrocities

According to the criteria of the government in various categories of atrocities on the issue of atrocities against Scheduled Caste / tribe by non-SC / ST, members are given by the Department of Economic Assistance welfare to the Scheduled Castes / ST members.


Scheduled Tribe / Scheduled Castes / minorities for students / students of the school / college and the university. Equipments and utensils and sports items are also provided to students / students living in it.

School scholarship

Welfare Department, Jharkhand Government, Ranchi, Government Schools, Schools recognized for Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Backward Classes / Students for the welfare and educational development of the schools sanctioned and established. The amount of scholarship for the school is vulnerable to financially vulnerable students / students. Is provided for continuing their education and scholarship at the district level. Distribution is on progress through Village Education Committee / Development Committee.

Bicycle distribution

The students of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes and Minority communities studying in the VIII classes of government schools, who have been living below the poverty line, will be prevented from leaving school after enrollment in the high school. Bicycle is given free of cost.

CM Food Security Scheme

Every minority of primary caste families is provided 35 kg of grains per month per family.

Post Graduation Scholarship

SC / ST / OBC students – Students who are studying in duly recognized colleges / institutions, under post-matriculation scheme, scholarship and tuition fees are diversified duties.


In the applications received by the college, scuttle is done on the basis of the student’s caste, residential and income certificate and declaration paper.


The test is prepared after the approval of the said application. And after acceptance, the action of payment of scholarship / tuition fee is taken.

Non government organization

Project proposals of non-governmental organizations received by the department are checked at the district level and the report of the report and project proposal is sent to the welfare department with the recommendation of the Deputy Commissioner.
At the Directorate level, the funds are provided directly to the institutions after passing the said proposal in the meeting of the screening committee.

Forest rights act-2006

Indigenous and community claims such as conventional grassland, paddy-basil, fodder, wild food fruit and other savanna forest products and depositing areas, in the areas of Scheduled Castes and Other Traditional Forest Residents (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006, Water sources, collection of medicinal plants and herbal medicinal business areas for the use of fishing places, irrigation systems, human and animal husbandry. There is a provision for giving lease under the criminal claim. Attempts are being made to benefit all the families of the minority tribal people through this scheme.
The people are being made aware by organizing a workshop at the district level and block level for the widespread publicity of the scheme.