Social Security

Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme

National Old Age Pension Scheme started by the Central Government from 15th August, 1995. The target of all the districts of the state was fixed on the basis of the number of BPL families and immediately the pension payment was made to the pensioners at the rate of Rs 75 / – Rs. 75 and Rupees 25 / – fifty rupees per one hundred rupees per month. Used to be.

In the year 1998, the pension amount was paid by the Central Government at the rate of Rs 200 / – Two hundred rupees through the state government.

Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme has been implemented since November 19, 2007. Monthly pension payment pensioners at the rate of Rs. 200 / – Two hundred rupees and Rs. 400 / – four hundred rupees to all the aged 65 years and above of the surveyed BPL families of the year 2002. Bank Account / Post Office Savings Account. The expenditure is 50:50 by the State Government and the Central Government.Under the scheme Tribal Sub-Plan and Scheduled Caste’s special under-fund sub-scheme, the amount is spent in different items.

Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme

Under the scheme, in the year 2002, the helpless widows of rural / urban areas of the BPL families, whose age ranges from 40 years to 64 years and annual income 5000 / – five thousand in rural areas and 5500 / – five thousand five hundred) urban areas . There is a provision to pay 400 rupees / four hundred monthly pension amount to each widow.The eligible beneficiaries under the centrally sponsored scheme are being selected by the Regional Office.The helpless and poor widows who complete the duties of the scheme will apply in their zonal office.

Indira Gandhi National Handicapped Pension Scheme

This is a central government-sponsored scheme. Beneficiaries having 400 / – rupees four hundred), according to the survey conducted in the year 2002, which are mostly under the age of 18 years to 64 years in the BPL families (rural / urban) and under the annual income 5000 / – 5 thousand). There is a provision to make payment through monthly pension bank accounts / post house savings account. After completing the work under the scheme, they can submit applications in their zonal office.

National Family Benefit Scheme

For the purpose of living under the poverty line, the earning member of the family who is living below the age of 18 years and below 65 years, due to natural causes or death due to accident, a free total payment of 10,000 rupees ten thousand rupees to the dependent of the deceased goes.

Under the scheme Tribal Sub-Plan and Scheduled Caste Special Inclusion Sub-Plan, grants are given to beneficiaries of different categories.

Bond wages first abolition and rehabilitation scheme.

It is illegal and punishable for any person to work as a bonded wage under the Bandhah wage first abolition act 1976. If the bondee is found to be working as a laborer, then the penalty and penalties will be taken against such a planner. Provided the owner obliges a laborer to work and does not allow the worker to work elsewhere voluntarily and does not pay the minimum wages.

State social security pension scheme

State Social Security Pension Scheme was implemented in the year 1979 by the State Government and the Deputy Commissioner of the District has notified the sanction and expenditure officer. The Social Security Rules, 1983, were notified by the government again. All the complainant officers have been authorized for pension acceptance under the rules. Pension payment was made at the rate of 30 / – thirty rupees monthly from the beginning of the scheme. With an increase in the pension amount under the National Old Age Pension Scheme, with effect from 15th August 1995, Rs.100 / – one hundred rupees again from 1998, Rs.200,000 for the disabled and poor old widows, disabled and free bonded laborers whose annual income is Rs.5000 / – five thousand) Annual income 5500 / – five thousand five hundred rupees) in the urban area, Rs. 400 / – per hundred rupees by the state government to the person in the field of monthly income from November 2007 Pension is paid. Provided that the aged (female / male) is above 60 years of age. There is no restriction in the age limit of widow and handicapped laborers. Monthly pension payment is made through the nearest bank account / post office savings account of pensioners.

Common man insurance scheme

The rural landless laborers who are under the age of 18 years and less than 60 years of age and not having land more than 50 decimal places of land without any land, the beneficiary head of the family is insured free of cost. The name is filled in the survey paper of the available form available near the zonal office or light worker. The amount of insurance is Rs.200 / – Two hundred rupees) is borne by the Central Government and the State Government in the ratio of 50:50.75,000 / – per thousand thousand rupees for the death of the insured person, or if the permanent limb of two organs is broken, Rs. 37,500 / – thirty thousand five hundred rupees for one limb permanently dissolved and Rs. 30,000 / – thirty thousand ) Amount of insurance is paid. The monthly scholarship is paid to the insured person’s two sons / daughter who are studying in class 9th to class 12th, then they are given Rs.100 / – one hundred).

Intergovernmental Migrant Worker Welfare Program

In view of the provisions of the Inter-State Migrant Work Act 1979 and Jharkhand State Migrant Workers Act 2005, to bring 5 or more workers to employer / contractor outside the state for planning or employing 5 or 5 workers outside the state in the state. It is mandatory for the Deputy Commissioner to get licenses. In the application of license for planning, the worker has to give details of the due facility so that the laborers are not exploited by the employers and the appropriate wages are paid.

For the purpose of planning and violation of the provisions of the Act 1979 without obtaining license (license), there is a provision of imprisonment and financial penalties for violation of the unlawful and punishable crime act.

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