Exploration, development and administration of existing mineral potential of the district to ensure optimum, secured and sustainable utilization of  mineral resources for the socio-economic development of the people of Hazaribag under strict environmental safe guard.


  • Intensive and extensive exploration to prove   the reserves of mineral resources by application of state of the art technology.
  • Development of the mineral resources of the State.
  • Creation of the data base related to mineral resources and mining activities in the state for taking precise decision of investment in the mineral sector.
  • Value addition and end use of minerals in the State.
  • Creation of direct and indirect employment in mineral sector for the weaker section and common people of the state.
  • Administration of mines and mineral concession.
  • Enforcement measures for prevention of illegal mining.
  • Collection of mining revenue, formulation of laws to monitor mineral exploitation and provide congenial environment for the establishment of mineral based industries in the State.
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26-11-2022 Annual Report DMFT FY 2021-22 Download(PDF:3481KB)
26-11-2022 DMFT Project Status as on 01.11.2022 Download(PDF:294KB)
26-11-2022 Summary of DMFT Activities – as on 1st November, 2022 Download(PDF:3567KB)
22-06-2022 Request for proposal for selection of PMU Download(PDF:700KB)
28-03-2022 List of Mining affected areas of Hazaribagh District Download (PDF:264KB)
28-03-2022 DMFT Management Committee members Download (PDF:126KB)
28-03-2022 DMFT Governing Council members Download (PDF:333KB)
28-03-2022 Annual Report of DMFT, Hazaribagh for FY 2020-21 Download (PDF:5252KB)
28-03-2022 PMKKKY Guidelines Download (PDF:626KB)
12-02-2021 Annual Report 2019-2020 Download (PDF:5304 KB)
14-09-2017 District Survey Report Of Hazaribag Sand Ghat Download (PDF:1561 KB)
15-05-2017 Selection Of Agency For The Establishment And Running Of PMU Against RFP Notice 02/2017  Download (PDF:831 KB
10-04-2017 Corrigendum And Response To Queries Submitted Against RFP Notice 01/2017 Download (PDF:198 KB)
20-03-2017 Time Extension Notice For Rfp No. 01/2017  Download (PDF:647 KB)
20-03-2017 CORRIGENDUM RFP For Establishing PMU Or DMF(T)  Download (PDF:188 KB)
17-03-2017 RFP For Establishing PMU Or DMF(T)   Download (PDF:792 KB)
10-01-2017 Notice   Download (PDF:1358 KB)