For preservation of the fauna and to enable visitors to view wild animals in their state of freedom a national park has been constituted within the Hazaribag district. It starts from about 10 miles from Hazaribag town on the Hazaribag-Barhi road and extends to east and west, but mostly westward for several miles. The total area is about 150 square miles with a core of right-free forest covering 80 square miles. Shooting is strictly prohibited in the entire 150 square miles, but while the inner core of 80 square miles has been preserved in the state of nature and no cutting of trees or disturbance of the flora in any manner is permitted, in the outer fringe of 70 square miles normal exploration has been allowed. A number of watchtowers to view the forest and wild life have been constructed and a Forest Rest House built at Rajderwah, 18 miles, from Hazaribag.
The National Park is a beauty spot. A number of dams have been built and more are in process of construction. The purpose is to create pools of water where the animals may drink in summer. Towers generally have been constructed above these pools so that in summer visitors may sit on these towers and easily see the animals that will come to drink water. Artificial saltlicks have also been made for the animals. Roads have been constructed and are being extended. In addition to this National Park, the Koderma Reserved Forests have also been functioning as game sanctuary where shooting is prohibited.

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How to Reach:

By Air

108 Kms from Ranchi Airport.

By Train

23 Km from Hazaribag Railway Station .

By Road

18 Km from Hazaribag Town