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                    The District of Hazaribag is having some places of tourist importance. The historical, archaeological & religious aspects of those. The District of Hazaribag is having some places of tourist importance. The historical, archaeological & religious aspects of those places are sketched below:

This is another important spot of religious tourism, located 6 km away from Hazaribag, on Barkagaon road in Khapriama village. Idol of lord Narsingh (lord Vishnu) is worshipped and in Garbhagriha is installed a Shiva lingam. There are other temples also such as those of Dashawatar, Surya Dev, Maa Kali and Hanumanji. About 200 devotees throng to this place daily. Many religious ceremonies are held here around the year. A big fair is held here on Kartik Purnima.
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It is located on GT Road, 60 km from Hazaribag, in Barkaththa block. Hazaribag road railway station is 31 km from this place. The normal temperature of water here is 169-190 degree Fahrenheit. Besides two hot springs, there is also a cold spring. The water has a therapeutic effect due to high Sulphur content. There are 5 kund namely Surya Kund, Lakshman kund, Brahm Kund, Ram kund and Sita Kund. Besides there is a Durga temple also located here. A big fair is held here every year on vernal equinox. A large number of tourists throng to this place in winter.
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For preservation of the fauna and to enable visitors to view wild animals in their state of freedom a national park has been constituted within the Hazaribag district. It starts from about 10 miles from Hazaribag town on the Hazaribag-Barhi road and extends to east and west, but mostly westward for several miles. The total area is about 150 square miles with a core of right-free forest covering 80 square miles. Shooting is strictly prohibited in the entire 150 square miles, but while the inner core of 80 square miles has been preserved in the state of nature and no cutting of trees or disturbance of the flora in any manner is permitted, in the outer fringe of 70 square miles normal exploration has been allowed. A number of watchtowers to view the forest and wild life have been constructed and a Forest Rest House built at Rajderwah, 18 miles, from Hazaribag. The National Park is a beauty spot. A number of dams have been built and more are in process of construction. The purpose is to create pools of water where the animals may drink in summer. Towers generally have been constructed above these pools so that in summer visitors may sit on these towers and easily see the animals that will come to drink water. Artificial saltlicks have also been made for the animals. Roads have been constructed and are being extended. In addition to this National Park, the Koderma Reserved Forests have also been functioning as game sanctuary where shooting is prohibited.

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Raj Derwah is a beautiful spot at the center of the National Park. The forest bungalow is about six miles from Hazaribag-Barhi Road. Shooting is strictly prohibited here. The bungalow has good accommodation but no arrangement for cooking food. There is no electricity. There is a water tower that commands an excellent view. This is an ideal picnic spot.

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It is about 3 KM from the Hazaribag town. There is a Dak bungalow on the top of the hill. There is another hill adjacent to this hill. One may see the whole view of Hazaribag from here. It is a beautiful picnic spot and may be visited in any season. There is a Jungle around the hill and wild animals may also be seen in the night by chance. Lake construction is also going on below the hill. 

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It is situated in the heart of the town. Boating facility is available here. Near the lake are Swarna Jayanti Park and a Cafeteria.

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Silwar Hill is a beauty spot five miles from Hazaribag town on the road to Bagodar. A number of old images have been found at this place. In 1953 a temple was constructed where idols of Lord Jagannath, Balbhadra and Subhadra have been installed and a mela has been started on Ratha Yatra day. The place is now named ‘Jagannath Dham’. It is an ideal picnic spot although very close to the town.
Konar, the second of the four multi-purpose dams included in the first phase of the Damodar Valley Project, is situated in the Hazaribag district, across the Konar river, 23 miles above its confluence with the Damodar. The nearest railway station is Hazaribag Road on the Grand Chord.