Incentives and Concessions

32.1 Comprehensive Project Investment Subsidy (CPIS) - Exclusively for industries other than Mega. 32.1.1 Industrial Units shall be entitled to get Comprehensive Project Investment Subsidy (CPIS) for investment made in :
(i) Plant and Machinery.
(ii) Pollution Control Equipment.
(iii) Environment friendly alternative power generation equipment. 63
(iv) Employee Welfare (EPF, ESI, Health Insurance Scheme)

32.1.2 The qualifying amount of investment for subsidy under CPIS will be calculated giving weightage of 50% to investment made in Plant and Machinery, 20% each to investment in pollution control equipment and environment friendly alternative power generation equipment and 10% to investment in employee welfare (EPF, ESI, Health Insurance).

32.1.3 Subsidy under CPIS will be admissible at the rate of 7%, 10% and 15%max of the calculated qualifying amount of investment for blocks undercategory A,B and C respectively (List of Blocks under Category A,B and Cis mentioned in Annexure 1, Sl. 12).

32.1.4 Maximum admissible subsidy under CPIS for an industrial unit will be Rs 5crore.

32.1.5 Industries availing subsidy under CPIS will not be eligible to avail benefitsunder sl. 32.2 (stamp duty and registration fee).

32.1.6 Subsidies to industries under sl. 32.2 (stamp duty and registration), VATIncentives and CPIS, all added together, will not be more than total FixedCapital Investment made by the company in the project. VAT incentiveswill include VAT computed under sl. 32.5 and VAT benefits claimed underany other heads as provided in this policy. However, incentives for patent /quality certification and special incentives for SC / ST / women/ PH will notform part of this.

32.1.7 SC/ST/Women/Handicapped Entrepreneurs will avail 5% additionalbenefit under CPIS. This benefit shall be applicable only to residents ofJharkhand. For the purpose of this clause, those persons will be eligible forbenefit under SC/ST category who are issued caste / residential certificate tothis effect by competent authority, not below the rank of SDO, in the Stateof Jharkhand. Similarly, those persons will be deemed to be of handicapped64category who are certified by a competent Medical Board to have handicapof more than 40%.


32.1.8 Special incentive for extremist infested blocksNon-mineral based (industries not using the mineral resources of the State)new industrial units located in the extremist infested blocks (5 kms beyondmunicipal boundary) with minimum investment of Rs 5 crore in plant andmachinery and providing direct employment to minimum 100 persons shallbe eligible for additional incentive of 5% under CPIS. Also,reimbursement of VAT will be made for one additional year.

32.1.9. The policy envisages direct employment of specified number of work forcefor some industries to avail certain facilities / incentives etc. of thegovernment. Industries implementing State Government reservationpolicy in such direct employment will be eligible for 5% additionalincentive under CPIS.

32.1.10 Only one time subsidy under CPIS category will be provided to theindustries. The subsidy to be paid will be spread over a period of 5 yearstime @ 20% each year.
32.1.11 Industrial units entitled for benefits in the above category under Government of India Scheme will not be eligible to get benefits under thesame category sl. {32.1.1 (i to iv)} under this policy.

32.2.1 Stamp duty and Registration fee Manufacturing units with direct employment of 100 persons will enjoy 50%reimbursement of stamp duty and registration fee for land directlypurchased from the raiyats / acquired through consent award (lessee ofIADA / industrial parks will not be eligible for this benefits). This facilitywill be granted only for the first transaction for a particular plot of land.65

32.2.2 100% reimbursement of stamp duty and registration fee for land will beallowed for industries offering 100 direct employment per acre of landbought.

32.2.3 Industries engaged in mineral extraction activities such as mining, crushing,  transportation, washing etc without significant value addition will not beentitled for such benefits.

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