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PWD Road Division

The Road infrastructure in Jharkhand requires augmentation. Growth of population and vehicles has burdened the existing road network. This needs to be taken care of by means of maintenance, upgradation and construction.

The town is all set to get four important roads revamped for the easy movement of vehicles. The repair work will include widening of roads with setting up of dividers, conversion of the existing NH-33 passing between Konar Bridge to Vinobha Bhave University into four lanes etc.. The NH-100 between Lakhey More to Indrapuri Chowk and again between Indrapuri Chowk to Hazaribag railway station will be widened so that heavy movement of the traffic, after the railway link came up, will not damage the road. The four-laning of NH-33 has been allotted to the PWD (roads) division at Hazaribag.Besides, it was also decided that two more roads starting from Kargil Petrol pump point via Hurhuru-Annada Chowk and Damod and another road between Indrapuri Chowk to Romi Ring Road would be widened with dividers to prevent traffic congestion. Both the work has been allotted to the PWD (road) division in Hazaribag. 

The main subjects of PWD Road Divisions of Oct-2016 are:-

1) Cover Page and Report.

2) Plan Road and Bridge Report.

3) Non Plan Works Report.

4) Form-51 Report.

5) RCD Allotment Expenditure Report.

6) Other Detailed Report.

7) Status of Land acquisition Report.